• Why You Should Purchase The VINetcher

    The VINetcher enables you to
    • Protect Your Vehicle
    • Frustrate Auto Thieves
    • Save On Your Insurance
    • DIY and not let car dealers rip you off!

    In less than 15 minutes you can easily and safely etch your car’s
    Vehicle Identification Number on to your car’s windows.

    Car dealers charge hundreds of dollars to do this for you. DIY for a
    fraction of the cost.

    Only The VINetcher comes with a complimentary official vehicle IDsticker from AssetGuard. That’s a $17.95 value.

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    Your VINetcher kit comes with enough stencils to etch ten windows, safety gloves, etching cream, warning decal and insurance form.

  • Police Endorse Etching Your VIN

    Getting your Vehicle Identification Number etched into your vehicle's windows is a great theft prevention tool. VIN etched cars have a 64% lower theft rate than non-etched cars and if stolen have over an 85% better chance of recovery.